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Hello, I’m Amy Ayala.  When I came in to see Dr. Faith, a couple months ago, I was completely hunched over. I had a lot of pain in my lower back and I had been suffering like that for about 3 or 4 months at that point. It had just been getting gradually worse and a friend of mine, who had been seeing Dr. Faith for a while, couldn’t stand seeing me looking like that anymore.  Brought me down, just on a whim.  Dr. Faith immediately started me on a program of care. Within these past 2 months, I am completely upright again; the pain has subsided a lot. I mean it’s still there a little bit, but it’s pretty much gone. And then other things, too, that I didn’t even notice; I used to suffer from migraines. I used to get a migraine at least once a month, headaches almost daily. They’re completely gone now. I don’t have any headaches at all. I think she’s just a miracle worker. I had started seeing a doctor about my back too, and they’re still in the process of, well they were in the process of running tests, which I’ve actually just stopped now because Dr. Faith has helped me so much. I don’t really need to see them anymore. So, she’s great, highly recommend her. She saved my life.

Hi, my name is Mia Krishnaswami. Initially I came to Dr. Faith, but I  wasn’t really thinking about chiropractic care for myself, I wanted to share my business with her, because its health related.  Following the consultation, exam and x-ray, Dr. Faith asked me if there was anything really wrong.  At first my response was that I was feeling great, but when she asked again with even more concern in her voice, I gave her the truth.  I’m a singer and I’ve been experiencing a lot of hoarseness, occasional laryngitis, not feeling sick, but just not having use of my vocal mechanism the way I need to as a professional singer.  Additionally, I rely on my voice and within the last year or so, I had been unable to trust it to be consistent and flowing.  Dr. Faith then pointed to a condition she saw on my x-ray that explained it all.  It’s a spondylolisthesis or something like that and a kind of severe grade, so that was alarming.  She communicated to me that the physical changes occurring in my neck were probably causing neurological compression. I immediately broke down in tears.  She did not know that I was contemplating having a voice expert look at my throat.  I thought I might have nodes on my vocal cords. However, after one adjustment, I went home and sang that day with more freedom than I had had in a long time.  My voice had become so unreliable that I had actually cancelled my professional singing engagements for the entire month, but after that adjustment, I did end up fulfilling the last 2 obligations!  My husband was blown away, saying that I hadn’t sounded that good in years.  I’ve got it back!  That is a huge emotional thing for me because that’s my soul connection to my divine and it’s been missing for a long time.  Just 1 adjustment and my vocal freedom has returned. The other aspect, the spondylolithesis, I didn’t really know that I was in trouble. I knew I had some limitation in my neck movement, but I didn’t make the connection . Dr. Faith explained to me that an injury I had 20 years ago, a bicycle accident, where I went over the top of the bicycle,  could certainly have been the start of the problem in my spine. Apparently, from that accident, this condition developed and has gone undetected because I had never seen a chiropractor before.  So, I am grateful to be in her expert hands and very thankful to be a patient of Dr. Faith’s.

My name is Dan Drapeau and I came to see Dr. Faith because my back had been hurting me for just a small amount of time, about 25 years. As a 13 year old, I was diagnosed with spondylosis and Scheuermann’s Disease and basically told that I would need surgery, eventually. As I am not a fan of surgery, I didn’t go ahead with it. So for the last 2 years a friend of mine kept telling me to see Dr. Faith.  I resisted!  Finally, a month ago, I woke up and couldn’t walk for 3 days straight, so I called Dr. Faith.  After taking my x-rays, Dr. Faith found out exactly what was wrong and said, she could help me.  I knew she was right because following the first visit, I felt a substantial difference. So I have been coming for 1 month now, and my morning pain is still there, but I can walk and bend, I’m substantially better.  I was a sceptic at heart, now I know that what Dr. Faith says about it just being physics, really is.  There’s no magic to what she does, but it’s happening because we are both putting in the work to improve my spinal structure.  That’s what I understand so far.



Hi, I’m Valerie. I’ve been coming to Dr. Faith for about 4 months, and I have seen a miraculous difference in my posture and my health. Dr. Faith is a true healer. She’s really made a difference in my life. Not only does she adjust you, she teaches you ways to hold that adjustment through traction, home traction and traction here when you get your adjustments. And, I have really seen a huge difference, I virtually have no pain in my neck, and I am a 56 year old woman who came in with really poor posture, and that has improved extremely. And I thank her so much for what she does and to help the public with their issues with their posture and their health. Thank you Dr. Faith.




Hello, I’m Katie Chandler, I met Dr. Faith just under a year ago at a posture lecture she did at my work, and I had been previously been seeing a chiropractor for a year and a half for issues with my lower back and my sciatica.  After just one adjustment, I could actually bend over and touch my toes again. My pain was gone; I had a lot of issues with asthma, and my breathing was really bad, so after the adjustments and doing traction with Dr. Faith, my asthma has completely improved. I am off of all my medications, and my doctor just can’t believe that my asthma has improved so much. So, I only wish I had met Dr. Faith sooner.